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POS Software development in Kallakurichi

Profuture specializes POS software development in Kallakurichi, In point of sale software development which goes beyond the simple cash register. We create custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) suites which allow management to organize inventory and staff levels, perform data analysis and bill customers. Retail stores, restaurants, healthcare providers and more rely on our software to power their business.

Custom POS software development

  •  POS software development in Kallakurichi ProfutureBilling, order processing & payment
    The most essential functionality of any POS software is the ability to generate an invoice to – and get paid from – your customers. Receive payments via cash, card, and contact less methods, as well as through the web and mobile apps, and have the funds deposited directly to your business account.
  • Sales reporting & analytics
    Sales reporting and data analytics capabilities are much in demand by stores, retail/restaurant chains, and franchise businesses. This information allows management to pinpoint the best-selling, trending and highest-value items and adjust strategy and tactics accordingly. Filter and receive data on the performance of each sales channel to optimize marketing spend.
  • Data management
    Our modern point of sale software development consolidates data from across multiple outlets and franchisees, allowing management to quickly and easily identify key trends. Sales data is recorded for financial reporting purposes and can be enhanced with metadata such as local weather and events to better spot dependencies.
  • Inventory and stock management
    As POS Inventory management software development experts, we know how critical up-to-date stock level data is to our clients. Inefficiencies are reduced by constant monitoring of inventory levels. Restaurants can view actual food cost versus planned food cost, identifying issues such as production cost overruns and quality issues quicker.
  • Customer management & CRM
    Get to know your customers better with our built-in CRM POS system. View each customer’s purchase history, identify which of them produces the most profit and proactively increase the number of high-quality clients. POS CRM software also segments customers, allowing you to produce better targeted, more efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Employee management
    Our custom POS software development in Kallakurichi systems can go beyond sales and inventory tracking and extend to managing employees. Get a handle on employee productivity by managing staffing levels, hours worked, and sales performance to maintain optimal labor costs. You can even link employees with individual transactions to identify the best and weakest performers and improve productivity.
  • Customer loyalty software
    A customer loyalty system allows retailers and other businesses to define rules, levels and other aspects of reward programs. Ramification can be used to encourage spending and engagement. The software can be integrated with the POS system so that customers can see their current points tally at the checkout.